Our Athletes





Tom Davis

Tom has competed and represented Great Britain in Judo for over 12 years winning British and Commonwealth tittles.

Natasha Hunt

Rugby Union
Aspires to encourage sports participation in others for enjoyment & towards a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

Zara Dampney

Beach Volleyball
London 2012 Beach Volleyball Olympian who wants to encourage younger people to get involved in high level sport.

Kylie Grimes MBE

Wheelchair Rugby
Kylie Grimes MBE is the first ever female Paralympic Wheelchair rugby Gold Medallist.

Kelly Simm

Kelly Simm is an artistic gymnast who has been representing Great Britain for 12 years.

Darren Harris

Blind Football / Judo
Paralympian & England’s most capped and most decorated blind footballer on a mission to help ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Serita Shone

Bobsleigh / Athletics
Serita has worked with a number of aspiring athletes and loves to see young people achieve their full potential.

Jack Rutter

Jack Rutter is a GB Paralympic Footballer and former Captain of the England Cerebral Palsy team.

Helena Lucas MBE

Para Sailing
Helena really enjoys telling her story and adapting it to suit the audience she is speaking to, in order to deliver a message and motivate them.

Jonathan Paterson PLY

Paralympic Footballer
Jonathan Paterson PLY is a 3x Paralympic Footballer who represented Team GB, athlete mentor and inspirational speaker.

Frederick Afrifa

International Athlete, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Public Speaking Coach

Lauren Quigley

A competitive swimmer who has represented GB at the FINA world championships and England in the Commonwealth Games.