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British sailing’s golden girl, Helena Lucas made history claiming 2.4mR Paralympic gold at London 2012.



British sailing’s golden girl, Helena Lucas made history claiming 2.4mR Paralympic gold at London 2012.

Helena became the first ever female winner of the male dominated Paralympic class and Britain’s first ever Paralympic sailing gold medalist.

Helena, who was born with no thumbs and limited extension in her arms, is in the unusual position of having done both Olympic and Paralympic campaigns.

Having sailed 470s since 1997 she moved into the Paralympic 2.4mR in 2003 before making her Paralympic Games debut at Beijing 2008.

She finished a disappointing 7th, however Helena used this set back to drive her on and with her determination and commitment to succeed, 4 years later stood on top of the podium in London with a Gold medal.

Having achieved her dream, Helena was not quite ready to retire and wanted to try and defend her title in Rio, something that had not been achieved in Paralympic sailing.

After a hard fought week and still leading going into the last race she unfortunately slipped to Bronze.

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Helena has now retired from Paralympic sailing, and wants to use her unique story to inspire and motivate others.

Helena has had to make some difficult decisions along the way.

Having never considered herself as being disabled, giving up her aspirations to become an Olympian to compete at the Paralympics was by far the hardest one, but the most rewarding and life changing!

She was never phased by being the only female competing in London in the 2.4mR class and believes there are no limits to what can be achieved!

Helena really enjoys telling her story and adapting it to suit the audience she is speaking to, in order to deliver a message and motivate them.

Whether its children at school or the professional world, Helena feels her experiences as an elite athlete can help inspire others to achieve their goals.

Life is full of obstacles and challenges, however Helena believes there is always a solution or an alternative way around a problem.

There are no limits to what we can achieve.

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Helena Lucas is a huge inspiration and a fantastic asset for the sport of sailing. She’s great fun and lights up any room she walks into!

Ben Ainslie, Four times Olympic gold medallist and ex British Sailing Team mate

We all enjoyed a lively, enthusiastic gallop through her fascinating experiences from Beijing 2008 to London 2012 which enthralled an audience that ranged from their mid 20s to active pensioners.

David Warren, Moody Owners Association


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