Tim Baillie MBE

Having taken a long and bumpy route to reaching his first Olympics at the age of 33, Tim really enjoys passing on the lessons he has learned to young people.



Born in Aberdeen, Tim had the opportunity to start canoeing at a young age because it was his parents favourite hobby.

By the age of 11 he was a member of the Scottish Junior training squad racing in the individual kayak (K1) category.

When he turned 18 Tim moved to Nottingham, ostensibly to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nottingham, but his real motivation was to train at the National Water Sports Centre.

Tim raced in K1 until the age of 23 at which point he decided that a change was needed so he teamed up with Etienne Stott to race in the double canoe (C2) category.

Their initial goal was to compete for a medal at the Beijing Olympics but sadly this was not to be.

Despite being quick enough physically and technically at the crucial qualifying race they were the victim of their own nerves and completely failed to deal with the pressure.

This was a huge disappointment but once the dust had settled the prize of competing at a home Olympics in 2012 was too much of an opportunity to ignore.

Fast forward four years of hard work and determination with huge ups and equally huge downs and they were ultimately successful in winning the Gold Medal at London 2012.

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Tim was a real inspiration to the young people that attended the games. He stayed for the full day and was involved throughout including at the opening ceremony, medal presentations and in direction interaction with teams.

Rob Cook, Nottinghamshire School Games

Tim Baillie inspired young athletes who are on their first steps within competitive sport with his story of how he became an Olympic champion in 2012.

Gill Morrow, Beds and Luton School Games


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